Data Driven Audience Targeting

Predict leverages its platforms and data scientists to deliver advertising campaigns customized for each brand’s unique “tribes”

Discover how your brand can become essential to people’s lives. 

At Predict, we discover your tribes: People whose lifestyles harmonize with your products.

Understanding your company’s tribes is essential to growth. Predict merges our unique capabilities with the world’s largest collections of consumer data to grow your target audience. We help consumers find you and help you nurture an ongoing relationship with your tribes.

Understanding Your Customers

Predict compares billions of data points with existing website traffic to determine customer interests, demographics, and purchase behavior. We maximize ROI through this deeper customer understanding.

We provide you with crucial demographic data for customers that digitally interact with your brand.

Predict groups visitors to your site into “tribes,” segmented by similar lifestyle and product interests.

Analyze and Target Social Media Data

Predict has a unique ability to unlock access to social media followers, and uses it’s in-depth audience analysis tools to analyze social media audiences and then reach them across the internet.

Learn more about Predict’s New Follower Platform.

Reaching The Target Audience

Once a target audience has been defined, Predict reaches these audiences using programmatic display ads, social media influencers, and email marketing. 

Predict reduces risk on your ad spends by employing its artificial intelligence expertise to run ongoing A/B testing. Budgets for advertising campaigns are customized to each client’s needs.

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