Predict Analytics' New Follower Platform

Deep analytics and “anywhere” reach

Influencer Engagement Microscope

Determine where followers spend their money, before, during and after a campaign.

Deep Demographics

Purchase Activity (both online and in-person transactions)

Learn which followers are your customers and which buy from your competitors

Reach Followers Outside Social Media

Target Followers on any digital medium

Reach followers directly through traditional programmatic advertising platforms

Convert likes and shares into buys

Who We Are

Predict is a data-driven performance company for media and advertising

Predict was cofounded by Jeff Marcus in 2015 to help businesses monetize the vast amount of data that goes unanalyzed. Jeff has a long history of creating value from media and advertising data including his time as an early VP at DoubleClick (prior to their exit to Google for $3.1B) and CTO for 24/7 Real Media (exited to WPP for $649M). Since its founding, Predict‘s platform has helped many iconic brands and its data/media engine has driven value for multiple marketing agencies

Previous Clients